How to live in Portugal Like a Brazilian ? Find out everything here!

When we talk about how to live in Portugal, this is the European country most sought after by Brazilians. So today we are going to explain how to do this. Also know what you should do to get along there.

The Portuguese country is the favorite of Brazilians for several reasons. Among the reason is the ease of entry, the language compliance issue and even the legalization process. In this sense, the language weighs heavily in our favor, as adaptations become easier.

In addition, we are generally welcome in that country as brazillians. So, we separate several valuable tips on how to live in Portugal. If you have this dream ti live in Portugal as a Brazillian, it’s better to plan ahead, because 2022 could be the ideal year for this new experience.

First step on how to live in Portugal

The initial step for anyone is to pay attention to the passport. He must be valid and cannot be close to winning. It doesn’t matter how long you stay in Portugal. Keeping your passport up to date is essential. Therefore, to obtain your document, you must access this site to start the process. Here are the steps to apply for a passport:

  • Fill the form. This can be done online, on the website mentioned above;
  • After doing this, a slip will be generated for payment of a fee. Pay the fee to go to the next step;
  • Schedule a face-to-face service, also through the website;
  • Arrive at the service unit on the scheduled date and time, with the necessary documents;
  • Wait for the passport to be ready. You can check the progress of the process on the website;
  • Finally, the passport will be delivered only to the holder, in the same unit where it was requested.

Documents required for the passport

It is super important to have all the documents required to make the passport at hand. Also, these documents will be useful in the future as well. So, it’s better to get everything in order beforehand. So, here’s what you need to apply for a passport:

  • Identification document in good condition and with a clear photo. If you are a minor, you must present a birth certificate and accompanying document;
  • Previous passport, if any, and even if it is valid on the day of the face-to-face service. If the previous passport was stolen or stolen, it will be necessary to present an Occurrence Bulletin from the Civil Police proving the fact;
  • For those under the age of 18, a passport authorization and a recent face photo will be required.

There are special situations in which other documents may be requested, such as people who have already had their name changed or Brazilians born abroad. In addition, it is worth noting that people between 18 and 70 years of age (completed by the last election) must be in a regular electoral situation. Finally, in the case of men between the ages of 19 and 45 this year, the situation with the Military Service also needs to be regular.

But, in order not to have any doubts, we reinforce that all the information is on the Federal Government website .

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Getting a Visa: a Fundamental Step on How to Live in Portugal

Are you enjoying this article with tips on how to live in Portugal? Well, if you have your passport up to date, then you have already taken an important step. But of course this is not enough. The next step is to get the visa.

If you go there as a tourist and stay up to 90 days , you don’t need a visa. But to live in Portugal, you need this document. And there are several types of visas, depending on your activity in the Portuguese country. Another important detail is that, if you have European citizenship, you also do not need a visa.

To apply for a visa, you first need to know which type of visa is right for you. There are several types and they are requested by VFS Global , which has a partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal. Thus, there are three broad categories of visas:

  • Residence visa : for a period of stay longer than one year. There are several subcategories including study, work, highly skilled work, etc. Each category requires a certain list of documentation.
  • Temporary entry visa : for a period of stay of less than one year. There are also subcategories including studies and seasonal work, each of which requires specific documentation.
  • Schengen visa : for non-Brazilians. This visa is only applicable for certain countries. The good news is that it is not required for Brazilians.

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How to Apply For Portuguese Visa?

Without going through this whole process, there is no way to live in Portugal on a regular basis. In this sense, pay attention when applying for a visa for this country:

  • Gather all the required documents, always with two copies of each;
  • Fill out a form, available at this link . Attention to sign in field 37 and at the end of the document;
  • Fill in the consent form ;
  • The criminal record certificate issued by the Federal Police must have the Hague Apostille, with no exceptions;
  • Send your original passport, which will be held until the visa is analyzed;
  • Finally, send proof of payment of fees.

Now, an important note. VFS Global advises that due to Covid-19, passports must be felt through a special service. To find out how it works and the value of the fee for this service, just access this link .

Once you’ve collected all the documents and paid the fees, send everything to the respective jurisdiction. That is, the VFS Global unit that you will send the documentation to will depend on your home state. See all units here .

Finally, to clear all doubts in detail about this most bureaucratic part of the process, carefully read the VFS Global website.


Other Necessary Documents Includes:

To live in Portugal, you will need other important documents. They enable you to work regularly and live as a Portuguese citizen. This includes utilizing Portugal’s healthcare system and other benefits. So, see what is also important for you to go after:

  • NIF: tax identification number, intended for tax and customs information. It can be requested by any citizen at any time at a consular post. Of course, for that, you need to present several documents. The NIF can be compared to the CPF here in Brazil;
  • NISS: or Social Security Number, and you will need it if you want to work in Portugal. It would be the equivalent of the INSS PIS here in Brazil. NISS can be requested on this website or at local Homeland Security services;
  • User number: it is the registration number with the National Health Service and, with it, you will be able to have access to public health in Portugal. To apply, you will need to go to the health center in the region where you are living, with some documents, including a passport or residence visa and TIN;
  • PB-4: it is also a document that guarantees access to health. Remembering that the health of Portugal is paid, but with the PB-4, the amounts charged will be much lower. The request for this document is made in Brazil, online and free of charge. This is thanks to an agreement between Brazil, Portugal and other European countries. In this link you will find more information.

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Make a Xetailed Financial Plan

To finish this article on “How to live in Portugal”, one more important tip. Initially, it seems like a lot to be able to make your trip to the country, doesn’t it? However, it is not that difficult and most of the processes are done through the internet itself.

That way, when you decide to move to Portugal, immediately start financial planning. Save some extra money to stay there and pay all fees and documents. With this economy in mind, here are some tips that can make all the difference:

  • Traveling directly from Brazil to Portugal, non-stop, is the most advantageous;
  • According to surveys from specialized websites, living in the city of Porto is cheaper than living in Lisbon;
  • Learning fluent English is an investment, even if you live in Portugal, because of the best job opportunities;
  • If you want to buy a car or motorcycle in Portugal, know that it is possible, with a current passport, NIF and a valid Brazilian driver’s license;
  • And, after six months living there, on a regular basis, there is a way to exchange the Brazilian driver’s license for that of Portugal.


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